Environmental Data Science Book#


The Environmental Data Science Book (or EDS book in short), https://the-environmental-ds-book.netlify.app/, is a living, open and community-driven online resource to showcase and support the publication of data, research and open-source tools for collaborative, reproducible and transparent Environmental Science.

Who is the book for?#

While the scientific community is broad, the target audience of the EDS book is:

  • Researchers with some background in environmental science interested in AI and data science methods.

  • Researchers with some background in computer science interested in environmental data science.

  • Anyone else interested in reproducibility, inclusive, shareable and collaborative AI and data science for environmental applications.

How to contribute?#

The EDS book welcomes contributions from anyone, not only those listed in the target audience. The core GitHub repository is public and open source licensed (see here). The executable notebooks are hosted in the EDS book organization. Please see the EDS contributor’s guide for details on how you can get involved.