Project Pythia#


Project Pythia,, is the education working group for Pangeo and is an educational resource for the entire geoscience community. The information below highlights some notions of the initiative. We also include a recent presentation authored by Clyne et al. (2022).

For further details, we suggest visiting Pythia’s About section.


Project Pythia is a home for Python-centered learning resources that are open-source, community-owned, geoscience-focused, and high-quality.

Who is Project Pythia?#

The current core Pythia team can be found here. Pythia is an open and inclusive community! Look here for info on how to get involved.

Project Pythia Goals#

  1. The Pythia Portal: A searchable online portal that provides scientists at any point in their career with educational content and real-world examples needed to learn how to navigate and integrate the myriad packages within the Python ecosystem for the geosciences.

  2. Cloud-Deployable Pythia Platforms: A light-weight, Binder-based platform that will make it possible to launch portal content in customizable executable environments in the Cloud with only a “single click.”