Data Discovery

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Data Storage/Discovery Design Document



Use case 1

Be able to “ingest” data from multiple re-analyses, observational data products (e.g. satellite, Argo float, and others), and major model inter-comparison projects (CMIP) into a uniform format that xarray can work with.

Use case 2

Be able to easily specify and load data from climate model experiments conducted by systematically varying parameters and / or model configurations

Access datasets hosted remotely - on a remote FTP server, on an HPC machine/cluster, on the cloud (OPeNDAP THREDDS; S3; boto + other cloud options) Method for specifying labels in order to align ingested datasets “Import” existing data from disk Check for newer version of data and update if necessary Emulate goat-geo ability to pull/store useful re-analysis or observational datasets Open Science Data Commons - part of OCC; a cloud hosting of lots of useful data from NASA/NOAA Output some sort of record indicating the provenance of different data sources ingested, including original locations and versions.


Other software

The Community intercomparison suite ( is a command line tool for the atmospheric sciences that uses a plugin framework to deal with loading and regridding data from a range of sources - simulations, flight campaigns, satellites, ground stations etc.. It can also be used as a python library, but this hasn’t been developed particularly far yet.

This is worth looking at as well: , Pachyderm is an abstraction for pipelines that reduces it the pipeline to io and compute while keeping track of data a-la-git. PyFilesystem is file system abstraction.

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