The Pangeo Community

Pangeo is an open group. Anyone who agrees with our mission and vision is welcome to join.

To add your name to the list, fork the source for this site on GitHub, add your details to the file _data/people.yml, and submit a pull request. The easiest way to do this is to directly edit the file on GitHub.

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
physical oceanography climate
  • Anderson Banihirwe

distributed computing climate software
  • Noah Brenowitz
University of Washington
atmospheric science machine learning
University of Miami
climate modeling physical oceanography
  • Spencer Clark
Princeton University
atmospheric science climate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
physical oceanography
National Center for Atmospheric Research
climate hydrology water resources
UCLA Dept. of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, and Caltech Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences
atmospheric dynamics climate

software algorithms
  • Damien Irving
physical oceanography climate software carpentry
University of Colorado-Boulder / NOAA Global Systems Division
HPC climate software GIS
  • Julien Le Sommer
Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement
physical oceanography ocean models climate
  • Chiara Lepore
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
  • Fabien Maussion
University of Innsbruck
climate glaciology
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidat
atmospheric science remote sensing algorithms
University of Washington Department of Atmospheric Sciences
atmospheric science climate
  • Joy Monteiro
Stockholm University
climate atmospheric science modeling
Memorial University of Newfoundland
physical oceanography
Columbia University
physical oceanography climate
National Center for Atmospheric Research
climate distributed computing algorithms
Met Office Informatics Lab
atmospheric science distributed computing algorithms
  • Colin Raymond
Columbia University
climate atmospheric science modeling
Continuum Analytics
distributed computing algorithms
University at Albany
climate atmospheric science physical oceanography modeling
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
climate meteorology policy

array storage engines scientific computing infrastructure
  • Maike Sonnewald
Massachusetts Insitute of Technology
statistics modeling/HPC physical oceanography
  • Guillaume Sérazin
Laboratoire d'Étude en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiale
physical oceanography climate
University of Toronto
paleoclimate HPC physical oceanography
University of Saskatchewan
hydrology atmospheric science
  • Phillip Wolfram
Los Alamos National Laboratory
physical oceanography modeling climate
Harvard University
atmospheric chemistry numerical methods HPC
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht, Utrecht University, Netherlands
physical oceanography climate software